Master of Pop-Soul/Reggae/Hip-Hop Fusion!

Max-A-Million cultivated a new sound that would cross over into multiple genres and markets. Although he was verbalizing a Jamaican style of rapping, otherwise known as Patois rap, he infused wailer harmonies over Hip Hop beats,  Dance hall rhythms and bass-driven dance beats was the infusion that became Max-A-Million’s signature sound. His relatively unusual techniques garnered him industry attention along with awards in over 62 countries and established him as a marketable brand.

Blending Caribbean spice with R&B, hip-hop and a pinch of pop, Max-A-Million’s soulful energetic sounds have soared to unimaginable heights. Max-A-Million has consistently charted top 40 hits in Billboard Magazine and has reached Gold and Platinum in many countries. 

Max-a-million has earned respect in the industry because of his high work standards and his close attention to detail. As a youth Max attended New York’s Youth Performing Arts School. There he learned how to read and score music as well as acting from taking drama classes. Max had a natural talent and learning music was all he needed to get him where he is today.