Pinklon Thomas

Only 27 boxers have earned the WBC title Heavyweight World Champion, and Pinklon Thomas is one of them.

With a past as colorful as the pages of a comic book, this Boxing Hall of Fame member's personal journey is sure to touch, inspire, and motivate listeners at an all new level.

Significantly larger than his peers, Thomas sought acceptance from older children and wound up with ‘the wrong’ crowd at an early age. He followed a dark path that led him into a world of substance abuse and crime that few return from, only to emerge at the age of twenty as a prize-winning fighter. Just five years after he began training, Thomas won the World Heavyweight Champion Title, which he defended from 1984 – 1986.

However, after reaching a pinnacle in his career, the fairytale didn't end with a ‘happily ever after.’ After fighting world class boxers such as Mike Weaver, Mike Tyson,Trevor Berbick, Tim Witherspoon and Evander Holyfield. Injuries, personal struggles and chemical dependency eventually grounded the high-flying hero and led him to seek treatment in 1989.

Now, clean and sober for the past 22 years, Pinklon seeks to help others by sharing his time, his love of athleticism and his story with all those in need of a helping hand.

Although Thomas has dedicated the last few years of his life to motivating teens and youth at risk, he’s now taking his story and the lessons he’s learned to people of all ages who are ready to discover and nurture the Champion we have living within each one of us.